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Some topics will inspire creativity and some will require change, but my prayer is that you’ll always be encouraged to walk in strength, beauty, and JOY.

XOXO! Morgan

Favorite Topics

For TV Sports Crews

Here are some resources I’ve been collecting for the awesome Ops (Operations Directors or Producers) I’ve gotten to work with, and for others who hope to find entry-level employment in the sports entertainment industry.

He Loves Me

My friend is in a perfect storm of trials. As I prayed for her, I thought of the “He loves me, he loves me not” saying. It may be tempting to question God’s love in tough times, but this design reminds me why that’s the wrong response.

A Smarter Mom is Moving!

The mommy blog will be showing up here at SmarterJoy.com. I’ll share encouragement, easy healthy meals, and whatever else I can from my 22 years and 6 kids-worth of motherhood to help moms “in the trenches” receive God’s grace and joy in the journey.