Trademark Resources

If you’ve been to my About page, you know I want to help two main groups of people:

  • overwhelmed, disconnected moms; and,
  • creative entrepreneurs (newbies to print-on-demand, blogging, or freelancers and entrepreneurs who want and need to build a website).

Meanwhile, the trademark issues aren’t going away anytime soon. That’s why you’ll see a sidebar listing my Trademark Resources, How to Respond to Trademark Bullies, a huge, incomplete series of posts regarding Trademark System Bias, and links to other random Trademark posts and Letter of Protest training (which needs to be organized, sorry!).

I’m doing my utmost to help in the fight against frivolous trademarks while “doing all the things.” This includes posting training materials here as time allows, and more. I’ll also continue my earlier outreach to USPTO and other influencers like Dr. Roberts to spark changes in the trademark system.

Independent Resources

The most important resources I can point newbies to are:

Merch Nook on Patreon – Rhonda is a goldmine of info for newbies and veterans alike; she’ll help you protect yourself from accidental IP infringement and boost your biz as well!

Trademark Watch Dawgs (Facebook group) – What started as a group for Merch By Amazon sellers has evolved to include a growing community of creatives dedicated to fighting questionable trademarks. TMWD has most of my training materials, with more from their own community being added all the time.

Metal Stampers Against Frivolous Trademarks (Facebook group) — as their name says, this group focuses on catching and fighting questionable trademarks that impact the metal stamping/jewelry stamping industry.

Makers Against Frivolous Trademarks, 108 likes (this was an active group in 2017, it appears it may have disbanded)

Intellectual Property Crash Course on YouTube (ignore strikeout if it appears, this link works) – 7 fast-paced, engaging videos break down the basics of what you must know about intellectual property. Watch them as many times as needed to gain the confidence to discuss these important concepts so YOU can influence others. Bonus: avoid infringement mistakes that could cost you your Merch account!

Important Note About Groups

The trademark information I offer here makes membership in groups optional for those who are nervous about privacy or confrontation issues. These are unavoidable risks every Facebook group carries. Yet that’s not why I’m putting my stuff here. It’s just a side benefit for those who aren’t ready to join a group.

That said, please know that if you choose to protest a questionable trademark application, you really should communicate with admins of Trademark Watch Dawgs. Especially if the term is in a popular niche. Here’s why:

As of this writing, Trademark Watch Dawgs has the best infrastructure and system I’m aware of to protect members from oversharing while avoiding duplicate protests. This is important because…

USPTO disregards more than five protests against the same application. It’s crucial that duplicates be avoided. Tough to do when thousands of sellers are learning about the protest procedure. And many are paranoid about revealing their niches.

I hope you’ll find a community where you feel safe. One where you can coordinate your efforts with others. One where you’ll be encouraged when you take action. One where you can celebrate your wins. Read more about groups in my post, Fighting Frivolous Trademarks Groups.